Monday, January 4, 2010

New Email Address

So over the holidays we started to talk about changing out TV service. Which I thought was a good idea... until I realized that my business email is through their service. So like everything it was time for a change.

It will be a slow change, but my new email is: is the only thing different.

How was everyone's Holidays. Mine were great. Although we went snow skiing for the first time... I came home with more than sore muscles. My husband is just glad I didn't die, lol. Lets just say I am not the best skier, but I am just learning so with time I should get better. (crossing my fingers)

Sadly I did not get much crocheting or crafting done over the holidays, but am hoping to make up for it now.
Did anyone else get anything done crafting wise?

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  1. I got a monkey hat or two done for my nephew! Love your patterns!


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