Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rethinking the Granny Square

I have seen some bad granny squares in my day. I have even created some really bad granny squares that I would like to burn to this day, but recently I have learned that granny squares can be absolutely beautiful!

Here are just some of the granny squares that have inspired me to pick up my hook and try again!
And yes I know that one of them is a circle, but its a very perfect circle I just had to throw it in!

1. Granny triangles, 2. 62/2009: Hot Pad Side 1, 3. The End Result, 4. willow granny square II, 5. Granny Square white spring, 6. WIP, 7. granny squares, 8. c u s h i o n, 9. circles, 10. Granny Square Design Closeup, 11. Doll blanket, 12. Granny Afghan Edging, 13. Granny Squares, 14. Flower Granny Squares, 15. Granny Squares, 16. Pip's Granny Squaring

Simple changes in color, stitch, and pattern can transform a granny square to a modern beautiful work of art!

I have been very inspired by the work above and vowed to make my cousin (who is now expecting a baby girl) a gorgeous granny square baby blanket.
I will make sure to post my progress (as soon as there is some to show).

Anybody else weary of the granny square?
Hopefully this will help boost some confidence!


  1. I love granny squares - love making them! They're so quick & easy, I always feel that I've accomplished something, no matter how little time I have to stitch. Here's my problem: I HATE putting them together! Tedious, time consuming, all those ends to tuck in, I get tired just thinking about it! Good luck with your blanket!

  2. I agree. I hate tucking ends in, but there are some great ways to join granny squares that take way less time and look great! I am going to start a post about it right now!

  3. I stumbled across your site and I'm so thankful! The granny square has been reinvented and the ones you posted look beautiful!


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