Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Retire or Keep

Never thought I would have this conversation with you guys.

So my Baby Monkey Earflap Hat is becoming my best selling item in my etsy shop. Which is great, except I spend a lot of my time making them now. I just made 3 last week. It is an adorable hat, but I am worried that I won't be able to expand because I keep making one thing.

I am not at this point yet... but just in case I would like to get your advice.

I have never had a problem like this, but I am certain it exists. What do you do? Do you retire the item and only make one occasionally to sell or do I keep it up and keep making them?


  1. I'm not a business person, but I vote to keep on making but increase your and demand right? That's what I'm thinking.

  2. It's such an adorable hat. Have you considered writing and selling the pattern? There are many successful pattern sellers on Etsy - I'm amazed in fact. It's a good position to be in! I'm hoping to write up a sewing pattern...if I get around to it.

  3. Or, maybe you could also make a set quantity, say 3 per month. When they are sold out for the month, that's it! I'm having a similar "problem" with robots. Almost everything I've sold on Etsy is a robot. I'm really grateful for the sales, but getting a little bored with painting robots...

  4. I agree with Jane, perhaps you can sell the pattern. That way creative folks can try and replicate your lovely work. I also agree with Kathy and Domestic - maybe set a limit and perhaps increase the price. Also, you can indicate on etsy that the item would take such and such amount of time to ship (not ready to ship, but created as the item sells). Just some ideas! Theresa :)

  5. What a wonderful predicament to be in! I do agree with the idea of increasing the price and of limiting how many you make per month. I think this would be an additional premium on the style from a customers point of view.

  6. I already sell the pattern. Which is also a great seller. Also Theresa it is a made to order item already, not ready to ship. I agree with making a few per month. I never thought of that. I also have already upped the price... just 2 dollars, but supply and demand! Thanks for your responses!

  7. I think you should keep .... I agree with the other comments, up the price a little & set yourself a limit of how many you make a month (so you don't get thoroughly sick of making it).

    BTW - such a cutie in the photo!!

  8. I found your great Monkey hat pattern on ravelry while looking for a hat to make my future 1st grandbaby.
    I will start it today and am sure it will be adorable!
    I think one should only make things for as long as they make you happy. Maybe it's time for you to give the Monkey hat a rest and that will make those who love your work look at other things you make.


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