Saturday, December 19, 2009

My New Year's Resolution

Alright.. So with the new year fast approaching I have been looking back at all the things I have made and all the things I want to make next year. Sort of a New Year's Resolution for crafting!

This got me really excited!
So I made this made this mosaic of some of my favorite creations (I also added a pic of me and my husband).
To make your own mosaic visit

1. Pink Card Holder with Lining, 2. 083, 3. 014, 4. 007, 5. 012Hot Pink Facial scrubbies with washcloth, 6. baby loafers, 7. 002, 8. Outside on the deck, 9. Flower Beanie, 10. Alien Beanie, 11. tiny amigurumi friends, 12. recycled coasters, 13. ipod sock, 14. fish toy , 15. flower necklace, 16. Scrappy Bright Blanket

So after reviewing all the things I have made I have vowed these resolutions:
  1. Make a garment of some kind
  2. Learn how to knit... better
  3. Tunisian crochet something (I just got an afghan hook!)
  4. Go to more craft fairs
  5. Always, Always, Always take pictures of everything I create!
What are your resolutions?


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  2. I think this is really cute... I will check out that site as well. My resolutions for crocheting is #1. Never leave WIP always finish up #2. Challenge myself to new things. #3. Make an dress or top for the summer. #4. Study the skill itself, read more books instead of leaping head first into it; And lastly #5. Perfect my crocheting skill!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family takes care



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