Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Slouchy Hat

My sister being a trend setter as she is has been begging me to make her a "slouchy hat". After researching them, and searching to find a pattern that I can base her hat off of (she has very specific tastes). I finally realized that these "slouchy hats" are no more than old tams being worn in a different fashion.

Here is the one i made for my sister:
She doesn't like the cream color so I am making her one in grey that she can model for me.
(I told you she was picky)

This one will be in my etsy shop soon. I just need to take some better pics of it first.

Has anyone else tried to make a slouchy hat... all you do is keep increasing (more than you would if you were making a hat for a giant head) , then you sc around a few rows, and then decrease to make the brim.

A good pattern is on ravelry (if you are not on ravelry and you knit or crochet I encourage you to become a part of it). Just search Puff slouchy hat.
My hat does not follow this pattern exactly, but I have made that hat and it is awesome as well!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Craft Fair Aftermath

So after a very stressful, but fun 2 weeks I finally went to the craft fair!

We set up, got ready and waited for the people to show up!

And waited...

And waited...

So... It wasn't the most successful Craft Fair, but It did force me to crochet my butt off and now I have lots of new stuff to post on my etsy site.

There were lots of other vendors there... lots of jewelry... no one really got many sales. I think there may have been about 25 people that walked through, but It wasn't advertised well. I also think that the nice weather may have something to do with people not going shopping.

Overall I am really glad I went. I got a lot of positive comments from all that were there, and a few other vendors gave me some great advice (I am looking into farmers markets next).

I don't think I forgot anything.. Oh.. I would have brought a lint roller if I would have thought of it!
This is my table... I forgot to take a pic at the fair, but here is my sample table. Everything isn't there and its a terrible picture, but you can see what it looked like. I had about 2 times the amount of items at the actual Craft Fair.

Overall, I loved the experience, and cannot wait to do it again.

Also... I am starting a newsletter, email or snail mail. Please sign up at the bottom of my blog. I will be sending out free patterns that will not be available any where else, discounts for my etsy shop, and I will even be doing some giveaways!

Friday, November 13, 2009


So after crocheting my first slouchy hat (I will definitely put pics of it up after I get my sister to model it). I found another blogger that was talking about her craft fair (go figure).. anyways. She had a coupon available on her blog for people to print out and take to the show to encourage people to shop outside the internet (great idea right!). She inspired me, more like made me say "why didn't I think of that?", to make my own coupon. Now.. this coupon is only vaild at the MOPshop event (craft fair) in Holland Park in Fishers, Indiana. And only valid at my little table, but a discount is a discount!

Just print this coupon out and bring it with you on Nov 21st. 11-3pm.
(you can print it in black and white if you need to)

I know you are probably thinking: "But I don't live in Indiana." Sorry about that, but if you do it is GREAT news!
The Craft Fair is already booked, and will be held on Saturday Nov. 21st 11-3pm in Holland Park, in Fishers, Indiana... wow what a mouthful.
I am sure there will be signs, and the internet has great directions if you need help getting there. It is inside the first building you see when you enter Hollands Park.

I am currently working on a way for out of town folks to get discounts via email newsletter and mail newsletter.. but for now it is a work in progress. Once I have everything ready (probably shortly after this craft fair) I will post more about how you can get involved.

Thanks everyone and hope to see you there... If you are in Indiana of course!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

And The WINNER is...

First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated and took time out of their day to visit the great shops that were featured during this giveaway.

I have sorted out the prizes into 4 giveaway baskets! They have some great stuff in them as well as business cards from all the sellers who were on my blog.

And the winners are....

Drum Roll Please

1. Mommy Tyme
2. Faerie Moon Creations
3. Nyssa
4. sibabe64

Silly me I picked 2 of the same people! So I picked another winner!
sibabe64 you are now one of the winners of my giveaway!

To claim your prize you have one week to email me at thecraftytortoise@comcast.net.

Once I get your mailing address I will mail your prize to you!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Craft Fair Here I Come

So... After some careful thought, and a very encouraging husband. I have decided to do the craft fair.

It is going to be tons of hard work... so sadly this will be my last post for the next 2 weeks!

Afterward, I will tell you all how it went, post some pics, and tell you all the things I learned. For now I am going to be crocheting my little butt off.

Feel free to still give me some advice on what not to forget to bring, or do for the craft fair. As it is my first one I am trying not to completely fail at it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Advice Please!

Ok, So I am in need of some advice from both crafters and buyers. I just got invited to a craft fair in my area. I am both really excited, and really nervous.

I have never done anything close to a craft fair and am really worried that I will not have enough time to prepare. The craft fair is on Nov. 21st. I have some items worked up already, you can see from my shop, but I don't know how much I will need. It is a MOPS craft fair so if I go I will be focusing mostly on baby items and items for mom.

Here are my questions:

Fellow crafters:
  • If you have gone to a craft fair before, what items did you bring, and how much merchandise did you bring?
  • How much variety did you have? Did you bring lots of 1 design, or did you bring lots of different designs?

  • What do you usually buy from craft fairs?
  • Would you go to a seller's online site if you could not find what you wanted at their booth?
The craft fair is making me so nervous. I think it would be great for my business, but I may pass on this one, just cause it is coming up real fast.
I found this post on what to bring to a craft fair. It is helpful, but I still have questions.

Let me know what you think!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Where the wild things are

Go Wild!
I decided to really let my wild side out and create this Mohawk hat! Complete with ear flaps to keep you warm in the winter this hat is perfect for the wild ones out there. It is made in an adult size. (I keep trying to expand my selection)

I absolutely love how this hat came out! It was super easy to make, although it did take some time and patience.

It is available in my etsy shop HERE!

I am hoping to get my husband to model it for me so you can see it on someone.. take my word for now... its awesome!