Monday, March 1, 2010

Newsletter Temporarily On Hold

Alright everyone. I know I just started my Newsletter, but sadly I am going to have to put it on hold for a little while. I will send one this March, but that will be it for a while. I have been working my butt off and something has to go. I want to keep my blog up so for now the newsletter will be put on the side burner. It will be brought back, but as a Seasonal 4 time a year newsletter. I just cannot keep up with it as a monthly thing.

As an apology I will be offering a discount to those already signed up to my newsletter. You will receive 25% off any item in my shop! Applies to patterns as well!

Enter your email that you have the newsletter sent to as well as mention this blog post and I will take the 25 percent off.

This is only available this March!
Take advantage of this deal.
Thanks again for following my blog!

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  1. At least your putting your newsletter on the back burner and not your blog. unfortunately with my etsy shop I have had to neglect my blogs for now until I get that under control. Sacrifices! But they are usually worth it. Hope your doing well, and thanks again for the great pricing tips. Take care!


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