Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Free Vintage Patterns

I stumbled across a great resource today and just had to share it!

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Ok... so I have lots of twitter followers and I don't follow everyone back (I know I am terrible), but I do pick and choose the ones that I think are interesting and not just tweeting nonsense. Well the other day I went ahead and followed a Vintage Knit Patterns tweeter. I am slowly starting to knit. Well boy am I glad I did!

What I really found was free knitting and crocheting Vintage patterns!
This couple gathered all the right info so that they could start reproducing and selling vintage patterns. They are also giving away lots of patterns and you can sign up to receive some great patterns! I have already signed up for both the knitting and the crocheting patterns!

Here is the link!
Vintage Crochet/Knitting Patterns


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