Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Flickr Inspiration

I have been throwing around what day I was going to make flickr day. I knew I wanted to start sharing more flickr mosaics and I still do! I have decided after much thought to make Monday Flickr Inspiration day.

Mondays are Mondays and I know I have a whole lot of trouble getting up and moving let alone being creative. Sometimes we need a little push in the right direction. Here is where Flickr Mondays will really help out.

I started this one simply. I gathered a few pics of crocheted and other handmade garlands that are just beautiful. Leaving me to go... I wanna make a garland. (the whole purpose of mosaic monday inspiration) I am inspired! I hope you all will be too.
1. christmas garland, 2. new year garland, 3. scalloped fabric garland, 4. spring buds garland

Please let me know if this inspires you! Also if you create a garland don't forget to share it with me! Email me your projects and I will share them or just add me as a flickr contact and I will make your items into a mosaic!

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