Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feel the warmth!

I am getting cabin fever! I can tell. I keep wanting to crochet warm things. I just finished 2 baby hats for spring. I am so ready for March!

Here are my new hats for newborn baby boys and girls!

They fit Newborn-3 months and I think they are absolutely adorable! I cannot wait to give one away to some of the prego women I know!
The girls hat has a flower attached with an alligator clip so it can be removed.

I love giving things like this at those baby showers where the mom chooses not to know the sex of the baby before hand. Its great because I bring the hat with the flower attached and when they find out they can have a boy or a girl hat! (and it is much more fun than just a plain green or yellow hat)


  1. This is adorable. I am doing a set similar to this, in green and purple. with satin sheen int eh baby yarn. I am also doing a blanket that will match it.


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