Wednesday, February 17, 2010

41 Listings and Counting

Being an up and coming shop on etsy I have been working very very hard on my shop. Improving it, updating it, researching it and more.

I created a new banner! You can visit my etsy shop to see it.

I have been reading and visiting the forums and have gotten a lot of advice. Once piece of advice I really took to heart was having as many Listings in your shop as possible. Most of the top sellers have at least 100 listings in their shops. So 100 different items to buy. I was very impressed and figured if I was impressed that other people were impressed as well.

So as part of my shop improvements I am striving to have 100 different listings up in my shop! So far I have 41, but earlier this week I only had 35. So six new listings is good... not great.

I will get there... it just may take me a while.


  1. I really like the new banner! It shows off some of your best-selling products, which is a great thing! I currently have a little over 100 items in my shop. It's tough to maintain sometimes, but I am trying! :) Good luck on getting up some new listings! Theresa

  2. That's a great goal. I have the same goal. It seems when I had over 60 items listed my sales increased. So that's good, but haven't been able to reach the 100 mark yet!


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