Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Is Here

December is upon us which means the Holidays are here, and if you are like me it means spending more time with family, spending lots of money on family, and crocheting gifts!

I usually start right around now and crochet my butt off til Christmas Eve.
Here is what I am planning on crocheting for my family:

  • Nesting bowls for mother in law
  • Hat and scarf sets for sisters in law
  • Slouchy Hat/Tam for sister (she follows the blog so thank goodness she already knows about it)
  • Vikings themed hat for Dad
My sister is even jumping on the handmade wagon and making a Blanket for my mother.

Does anyone else make handmade gifts for their family, or is it just me?
What are you making?


  1. I would love too but I'm a beginner... Plus I haven't really came up with good ideas. I was thinking of making my sister-n-law some crazy colorful socks... I think I should have started earlier though.

  2. It depends on how much free time you have and how devoted to one project you can be!

  3. One year I decided I was only knitting a few gifts and I did it in summer because they were fingerless mitts. Why didn't I do that this summer? (My son's broken arm may have had something to do with it.) I have a number of things I'm sewing (bags, mostly) and hope to get some hats and mittens done for my family - but those can be done after Christmas, too.

  4. I made some scarves for my nieces, with the cutest curly fringes on them. And a few baby hats for newborn nieces.

    I am going to google those crocheted nesting bowls. Sound really cute.

  5. I'll be making dish towel dresses for the oven door for my sisters and mom, and planning to make fleece pullovers for son and son-in-law.
    I would love to learn how to knit!


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