Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Slouchy Hat

My sister being a trend setter as she is has been begging me to make her a "slouchy hat". After researching them, and searching to find a pattern that I can base her hat off of (she has very specific tastes). I finally realized that these "slouchy hats" are no more than old tams being worn in a different fashion.

Here is the one i made for my sister:
She doesn't like the cream color so I am making her one in grey that she can model for me.
(I told you she was picky)

This one will be in my etsy shop soon. I just need to take some better pics of it first.

Has anyone else tried to make a slouchy hat... all you do is keep increasing (more than you would if you were making a hat for a giant head) , then you sc around a few rows, and then decrease to make the brim.

A good pattern is on ravelry (if you are not on ravelry and you knit or crochet I encourage you to become a part of it). Just search Puff slouchy hat.
My hat does not follow this pattern exactly, but I have made that hat and it is awesome as well!


  1. Very cute! They seem to be all the rage. Last year I made a slew of Newsboy style hats.

  2. It's so cute. I'm sure it will sell quickly. :) Theresa

  3. It's really cute, I'm going to try to make my first cap soon.


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