Friday, November 13, 2009


So after crocheting my first slouchy hat (I will definitely put pics of it up after I get my sister to model it). I found another blogger that was talking about her craft fair (go figure).. anyways. She had a coupon available on her blog for people to print out and take to the show to encourage people to shop outside the internet (great idea right!). She inspired me, more like made me say "why didn't I think of that?", to make my own coupon. Now.. this coupon is only vaild at the MOPshop event (craft fair) in Holland Park in Fishers, Indiana. And only valid at my little table, but a discount is a discount!

Just print this coupon out and bring it with you on Nov 21st. 11-3pm.
(you can print it in black and white if you need to)

I know you are probably thinking: "But I don't live in Indiana." Sorry about that, but if you do it is GREAT news!
The Craft Fair is already booked, and will be held on Saturday Nov. 21st 11-3pm in Holland Park, in Fishers, Indiana... wow what a mouthful.
I am sure there will be signs, and the internet has great directions if you need help getting there. It is inside the first building you see when you enter Hollands Park.

I am currently working on a way for out of town folks to get discounts via email newsletter and mail newsletter.. but for now it is a work in progress. Once I have everything ready (probably shortly after this craft fair) I will post more about how you can get involved.

Thanks everyone and hope to see you there... If you are in Indiana of course!

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  1. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything goes well. I live in Connecticut, so I won't be able to go - obviously! LOL Can't wait to see a photo of your slouchy hat. Theresa


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