Sunday, February 20, 2011

Newsletter Is Back!

Yes! Finally I will be able to bring back my newsletter! It will be much better than last time and will have better information and discounts!

Thanks to a new discovery that has helped me hone my skills and get rid of clutter I have been more focused than ever! This is great news for all my followers and customers. As some of you fellow business starters out there know, starting your business from scratch can be an exhausting and confusing task. I have been slowly working and figuring out what is needed and what I need to get rid of. I will be focusing on my blog, facebook and shop as well as only a few other sites that need attention.

All this mumbo jumbo really just means that you are looking toward a better and brighter future in The Crafty Tortoise world!

Newsletter will start as a once every few month venture until I get the hang of it, when it will hopefully become a once a month email.

So here is the link you will need to subscribe! Be the first to know about new items, discounts and information only revealed to subscribers!

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