Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Organization.... What's that?

So I decided that I need to start getting organized after a small flood in my home made me realize how scattered all of my craft supplies are.

A small water emergency is all it took for me to take a big step back and realize that my craft supplies are WAY out of control. Since we moved here (April) we did not really have time to get settled, since we got married in June and I planned and made practically everything. We just sort of packed boxes into the spare rooms and called it a day. That is until water came rushing towards them. We stopped it just in time, but the fact is I had no idea that all my yarn and materials were just scattered about.

Now I am starting my brainstorming! I need a great ingenious plan to get all my craft supplies, mainly my tons of yarn to get out of the many duffel bags they are now living in and into organized somethings. I have some big totes, and a set of plastic drawers that they should be in, but my yarn is now a tangled mess. I need a way to keep them all separated, but together. I am thinking many Ziplocs, but I have a feeling that may just start to get on my nerves. Anyone else had this problem, and fixed it! I would love some help. Otherwise I will let you know when I have a stroke of genius.

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  1. Ahhh! good luck, yarn must make you crazy! my craft supplies are abundant and everywhere as well (mostly fabric). I have them scattered through four rooms, and I think they are organized.(nope) We also just moved, so I feel ya!


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