Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Free Form Crochet : Take 1

I often get inspiration from others, and even though I have crocheted for years, I had yet to try to free form crochet. It was the best thing ever. I already love it.
Before I started I read up on some tips and techniques. This website is very helpful and even has a how to for a free form scarf.
Some of the ones I found helpful were:
  • choose your color scheme ahead of time
  • add different textures as well as beads or buttons
  • crochet multiple layers as well
  • have fun
I was scared to try free form crochet, but figured if I could make my own patterns then I am already free form crocheting, just in a different way.
So here are my first tries. Be nice... I know they are not perfect.
I am hoping to turn them into brooches, and maybe make a scarf or necklace soon. I figured to start I would make small pieces so I did not get overwhelmed.
If you are a crochet'er' (hooker) out there I deeply recommend trying it out. I just bought a little kit on for about 10 dollars.. 15 if you include shipping. All you need are crochet hooks, yarn, maybe beads and creativity. Enjoy and let me know if you create something cool.

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