Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yarn Yarn Yarn

Ahh... When I think about yarn my heart starts to beat so fast, but as most people out there I buy up more yarn than I can actually use in one project. I find myself with lots and lots of left over bits of yarn that I cannot for the life of me figure out what to do with. Not enough for a scarf... forget a blanket (unless you want it to look like confetti exploded). So I figured I should do some exploring and see what I can use those small, and even smaller bits of yarn for that would actually make me feel good about using up all my leftovers.

I have finnaly come up with a few... some big, some small... projects to help us all with those pesky leftovers:

  1. Baby Hats- use little yarn and are perfect for finishing up those leftover balls of yarn, especially if you have some great color combos.
  2. Crocheted Flowers- are great for itty bitty bits of yarn just laying around. They also look fantastic attached to hats, scarfs, even blankets.
  3. Slippers- epecially baby booties are perfect for small amounts of yarn, just make sure you have enough to make 2.
  4. Crocheted Toys- great for baby's or pets. Let your leftovers be the inspiration and let your little ones enjoy your hard work. (my tiny turtle pattern is perfect for this)
  5. Jewelry- That's right jewelry. Crocheted necklaces and bracelets are all the rage right now.
  6. Storage- Make yourself a little bowl to keep your rings in, or a larger one for odds and ends.
  7. Drink cozy- save yourself the 2 bucks and make your own drink coozie.
  8. Coasters- very little yarn needed here, and you can mix and match colors with the seasons.
  9. Face scrubbies- These little cotton ball replacers are perfect to get rid of some yarn, and help you save the environment at the same time.
  10. Ipod/Phone case- Keep your phone or mp3 player safe with a small case and rid yourself of that last leftover ball of yarn... you know the one that keeps unravelling in your bag.
I am sure there are more ideas out there.. but this should keep us busy for a while and clear out some room so we can go shopping for more yarn!

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