Friday, July 24, 2009


All of you out there with projects just sitting in dust raise your hand. (Hand Raise) I can't count how many projects I have started and pushed aside for the next one. Too many I can tell you that. I decided to look into the darkness and pull out those unfinished projects. Here is my collection:
  • 2 out of 4 sewn quilted coasters
  • 1 half cut quilt (not even sewn at all!)
  • 3 unfinished scarfs (I don't even remember who I started making them for)
  • 2 half hats
  • 3 partly crocheted baby blankets (I even used the rest of the yarn for other projects)
  • 1 barely there rug
  • 1 attempt at weaving
  • 2 attempts at spinning (its harder than it looks)

My list is big but I am sure more of you out there do this too.
Tell me and others about your unfinished closet of crafts in the comments!

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