Sunday, August 28, 2011


NKS Photography has to be the BEST ever!! She took this adorable kissable photo for me of my owl hat! 
I cannot ask for a better photo from her! I will hopefully have a photo of my owl hat in teal for boys soon.
This is a square hat that is made up to look like an owl. It has slight ear flaps and braided ties. The color combo is my Favorite! And do you believe my husband picked that gorgeous magenta yarn out!
We were at a craft store and it and the marigold color were both on sale! I was just going to buy one of each, but my husband threw all that was on the shelf in my basket! I was shocked. His response was: "You'll make something awesome out of it. I have no doubt." 
He is so amazingly (apparently amazing is the word of the day) supportive. I don't think The Crafty Tortoise would be around if he wouldn't have pushed me to follow a small dream of creating crochet patterns.

Back to NKS Photography!

If you have not stopped by her shop you NEED to! She is amazing! 
She has taken lots of photos for me including Family photos of my my dogs, my husband and I. They turned out AMAZING!! I absolutely love them and so does everyone who sees them!

She made our dogs look SO photogenic!

We had to climb into this tree to take this and a few more photos. Can you believe we are actually 6 feet off the ground?

I love this photo, and I think Nikki (photographer) does too! It definitely shows off how uptight my jack russell (white) is and how laid back our affenpinscher (black) is.

Stop by and if you are in INDIANA schedule photos! You will not regret it!

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