Friday, July 9, 2010

Consignment in Brooksville, IN

I have been super super busy this last week and I am so excited to tell everyone why. I was contacted late last week by Kimberly Meadows. She is a photographer who is opening a boutique/studio in Brookville, IN. Which is only about 2 hours away from my house meaning I could go and see my items in a store! (hopping up and down) Anyway, She contacted me and asked if I wanted to Consign at her store. Honestly I did not know what to do. I was so excited, but knew that I had to do this the correct way and research the heck out of consignment. Well, I did my homework and decided that this opportunity was right for me. I whipped out my crochet hook and worked away getting 10 hats done for the shop!

Some info about the shop. It is called Studio 714 and is at 714 E Main St, Brookville, IN 47012. Please if you are in the area stop by! The Grand opening is July 16th at 10am. At 5pm there will be a live fashion show and live music! If you are in the area you should totally stop by and take a look at her shop. Along with my items she also has jewelry, sculpture, cd's, art, and other great items made by local artisans!

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