Friday, June 18, 2010

Over 150 Sales

Let's Celebrate!

I have been selling like crazy... well it feels like crazy. I have over 150 sales (jumps for joy), and have been keeping over 60 listings in my shop.

I took a second to think about the things that I have been improving that I think have helped me achieve my goals:
  1. I have kept over 50 listings in my shop and kept adding to them!
  2. I had a pattern sale that was extremely successful (thank you all of you who participated)
  3. I have been advertising on Project Wonderful consistently.
  4. I have been continually renewing 4 random items a day.

I continue to try to improve as much as I can. I just bought my domain name: and I now have a photographer that is using models to take some fantastic photos of my items!


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