Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dream Bubble Bath

I have to share a new product that I just tried!
Ok, I LOVE bubble baths, but we have hard water so a bubble bath is pretty much out of the question. (bubbles last like 1 minute)

I was looking around etsy and found a product review HERE.

I watched it. It is about a shop called Red Leaf . They sell lots of items and one is Bubble Bath Dough. I was not totally convinced by watching the video and was definitely not about to spend 12 dollars on something I didn't even know was going to work. I had tried so many bubble baths before only to be disappointed.

I looked a little harder on their site and found a sample 5.50 including shipping I could do. Call it a birthday present for myself.

Well I just got out of the bath and OH MY GOODNESS!!! Not only did I have lots and lots of bubbles (having hard water and all) but they stayed for the ENTIRE BATH!!! I had to drain the tub with bubbles still in it!!

I am so sold on this product and if the rest are this good I may have just found my complete body supplier!!

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