Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wedding Decorations

Ok... So I am getting married in June, and I was having such a hard time finding cheap, but nice decorations for the church and reception site.

Flowers are gorgeous, but cost so much!

Christmas lights are nice, but give off a load of heat, and for a June wedding... not a good idea.

Fabric swags seemed like a way to go, cost is ok, but its been done so much, I wanted something different.

Then I found something that I truely fell in love with. Chinese white paper lanterns. I loved them... they look great, are pretty cheap, and they give a great feel to the room if you hang them right. I only had one problem. Again they are the hit of the season, so everyone is doing them.

I decided to put my own little spin on them. Since it will still be daylight outside during my reception I needed something that caught your attention, but didn't make the room look overwhelming. I started out with trial and error. I tried papper mache (the glue and water kind) with strips of paper trying to make something like this.

That I could spray paint white and hang from the ceiling.

Well of course, I failed at first, just making a ball of paper in the end. So my mind switched to something more string like, Yarn! I said. So I tried with yarn, and this time switching to a flour and water mixture. It worked, but did not spray paint well... So I decided to use some old twine I had left over from a few years ago. Eureka! It looked great! It spray painted wonderously and cost me nothing! Now I just need to make a few (thousand) more.

After I make a few more I will post pictures here, and maybe put a little tutorial up for other DIY Brides out there.


  1. Hi! That sounds like SUCH a brilliant idea! I would LOVE to see some photos and read your DIY instructions, please keep me updated!

  2. yes i also wanted to create something exactly like this! would you mind sending me some photos and instructions that worked for you? my email is thank you!

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